Fujian Hongxin Textile Co., Ltd., is located in Economic Development Zone in Changting County takeoff, production scale of 2 00000 spindles, convenient traffic condition is superior, the company has the most advanced production equipment, the new production line, bright and spacious workshop, has built an office 3300 square meters of comprehensive Lou Yidong construction area, staff quarters building area of 6500 square meters, each room has air-conditioning, independent bathroom, water heater and spacious standard of staff canteen, with good accommodation and living environment is the Longyan City textile industry scale is biggest, the design application supporting the most complete of a business. With the development of enterprises to expand, is for the community to recruit skilled workers and the process of new recruit 200 workers, as follows:

First, recruitment conditions:

Women, 16-50 years old, male, 16-55 years old, healthy eyesight, can adapt to the three shifts operation, obey the work arrangement, hard-working, responsibility heart and dedication spirit (skilled labor condition can relax appropriately.

Two, treatment:

1, a comprehensive monthly salary of 1500 yuan ~2000 yuan during the new job training, skilled workers comprehensive monthly salary of 3000 yuan ~6000 yuan. The implementation of early, middle and night 8 hours of work, 20 of the monthly payment of wages.
2, employee of the month a full attendance, three class work enjoy full attendence award 200 yuan, the day often enjoy full attendence award 100 yuan.
3, the staff canteen meals affordable, and the night have a meal allowance, night 5 yuan, 7 yuan big night.
4, allowance of length of service, length of service with a year after a monthly subsidy of 30 yuan, two years after a monthly subsidy of 60 yuan, three years after a monthly subsidy to 90 yuan, and so on. Can enjoy three months of high temperature subsidies each year.
5, the company provided free accommodation, dual employees to provide a couple of housing, for the children of the two employees to go through the city school procedures.

Three, the way to apply:

Interested parties please hold my second generation ID card and ID card copy parts 1 and 1 inch color photo 2 pieces, to our human resources department registration.
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